PROJECT 5.3’s purpose is to introduce you to the problems of Risk and when Title passes. Your posts must remain on this topic. Off-topic posts cannot receive points.

Q1: JoeBob Truck Parts, Inc., in Austin sells certain material to Detailer “R” Stores in Omaha, Nebraska.  JoeBob Truck Parts packs the parts and ships it by semi-tractor trailer to Detailer “R.” In transit across Oklahoma, a storm wrecks the tractor-trailer and scatters and shreds the truck parts across miles of bean-fields.

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  • What are the consequences if Detailer “R”  bore the risk of loss?
  • What are the consequences if JoeBob Truck Parts bore the risk of loss?
  • Cite ONLY your textbook for support and explain how your source’s information applies. Cheeseman, H.R. Business Law (11th Edition). Pearson, 2021
  • Your answers will be graded on their quality (QUALITATIVELY GRADED).


CAUTION: Your posts must remain on-topic for full points.  If your post(s) discuss matters not directly related to “problems of Risk and when Title passes

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