Project 7.1

Project 7.1’s purpose is to help you develop insight into Debtor/Creditor relationships. Your posts must remain on this topic. Off-topic posts cannot receive points.

Instructions: Answer the following questions:

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Q1:  Sam owes GROUPT Loans Company $5,000 but refuses to pay. GROUPT Loans obtains a judgment and then obtains a garnishment order and serves it on Sam’s employer, CDS.

  • If CDS complies with the order and Sam stays on the job, is one order enough to garnish all of Sam’s wages for each pay period until the debt is paid?
  • Cite ONLY your textbook and explain how your source’s information applies. Cheeseman, H.R. Business Law (11th Edition). Pearson, 2021.
  • Your answers will be graded upon their quality (QUALITATIVELY GRADED).


CAUTION: Your posts must remain on-topic for full points.  If your post(s) discuss matters not directly related to “Debtor/Creditor relationships

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