Apology Writing Assignment

Scenario for writing your apology email: 

Your company, Computrac, assesses clients’ technological needs (computers, software, networking, etc), and then suggests a technology package, installs and provides support for it. 

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A new company, XYZ, Co. has hired you. They purchased the technology package from you, and as part of the contract, you were to have their network installed and up and running a week ago. But things are not going smoothly. Their phone network system is not taking messages, their computer network is not accessible to everyone, and finding information on their database is difficult. Needless to say, XYZ is receiving complaints from their clients and they are very angry. They have called and emailed you with their situation and you need to respond with an email. 

Following the guidelines below, compose an email that apologizes and sets the situation right. You know XYZ’s owner and would refer to him by his first name. 

Apology Writing Components: 

·        Give a detailed account of the situation – repeat the concerns/complaints expressed by the customer

·        Acknowledge the customer’s hurt/ damage/disappointment

·        If you feel you are at fault (and you are here) take full responsibility; recognize your or the company’s role in this

·        Include a statement of apology

·        State specifically what you are doing to fix the problem(s) and when you will do it and when you expect it to be remedied 

Please begin with the To:, From:, Date:, and Subject heading of an email

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